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Leupold GX-4 – Best Golf Rangefinders in the Market

What is Leupold GX-4? The Leupold GX-4 is a two-faced rangefinder that keeps things simple yet sophisticated. When the chrome faceplate is attached, it offers the same rugged aluminum body, vivid OLED display and line-of-sight measurement as the Leupold GX-3. When this included Smart Key faceplate is snapped on the Leupold GX-4, it instantly becomes [...]


Leupold GX-4 Review Says it is an Impressive Laser Rangefinder with its Slope Calculation Feature

Learning Leupold GX-4 Review The Leupold GX-4 Review says that laser rangefinders were created to provide golfers the exact distances to objects. Golfers using laser rangefinders find that the days of distance pacing off and plain guessing are things of the past. The GX-4 is a very impressive laser rangefinder, as it looks great and [...]


Leupold GX-4 Digital Golf Rangefinder ahead of other rangefinders in the market in terms of Ruggedness and Reliability

Leupold GX-4 Digital Golf Rangefinder The Leupold GX-4 Digital Golf Rangefinder is one, if not the most popular and talked about laser rangefinder today. It fits so well and feels great in the hand, as it is so light and easy to use, making it such a pleasure to have. The ruggedness and reliability of the Leupold [...]